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Pump It Up Exceed 2 is a dance simulation arcade game developed by Korean coin operated machine developer Andamiro.

Release Information Edit

Release Date: December 2004

General Information / Changes Edit

Full Song List Edit


New Songs Edit

Regular Songs Edit

  • B01. Lexy - Greenhorn
  • B02. 1TYM - Hot
  • B03. Som2 - Pray
  • B04. BMK - Go Away
  • B05. Eun Ji Won - Drunken In Melody
  • B06. Som2 - Deja Vu
  • B07. Ju Dain - U
  • B13. WAX - I'll Give You All My Love
  • B14. Y*Me - Huu Yah Yeah
  • B15. Asoto Union - We Don't Stop

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